To represent a nation, a player must meet all minimum skills requirements as established by the WFTDA, and meet one of the following criteria:


In addition the member nations voted these clauses into effect in 2016:

  • Be born in that nation
  • Have at least one parent or grandparent of that nationality
  • Have acquired that nationality by marriage or naturalization 
  • Have resided in that nation for at least 5 years prior to the tournament (Defined as the consecutive five years immediately preceding the tournament).
  • Hold a passport from that nation.
  • Players must meet all minimum skills requirements as set by the WFTDA.


  • Players may request special eligibility consideration to the RDNC board.
  • Teams may use a more restrictive eligibility policy if they choose.
  • Players may switch nations only between World Cup cycles.
  • Once a player tries out for a particular nation, that is a declaration and players can only play for that team.
  • Event promoters are required to adopt this policy and any other future policies or guidelines that RDNC votes to establish.
  • Players cannot be members of more than one national team, regardless of gender.

The Roller Derby Nations Committee is on Facebook.

All policies of the Roller Derby Nations Committee are voted on by the Nation Teams via their National Reps.