Mission Statement

The Roller Derby Nations Committee exists to liaise on behalf of the worlds' national roller derby teams with potential game play organisers; to ensure fairness, inclusion and democracy in future competitive pathways. Our aim is to provide a unified voice for all active roller derby nations through transparent communication channels with democratically elected representatives and a route for emerging nations to have a voice in this process. We support the "by the skater, for the skater" ethos and the use of the WFTDA rule set for national team play.

The Regional Representative Chairs represent their respective regions' interests as part of the leadership committee for the RDNC. Together and in collaboration with the National Representatives, they create and support policy and protocol, and work in liaison with the other roller derby bodies including the Roller Derby World Cup committee and the WFTDA.

The Roller Derby Nations Committee is on Facebook.

All policies of the Roller Derby Nations Committee are voted on by the Nation Teams via their National Reps.